Crossing Uranus/Pluto Line

Geographical position of this line crossing:
71w07′, 40s20′.

“Here, anything is possible. Your life could be turned completely upside down. You experience new and unusual goals. You become a lawless rebel and see yourself playing the role of the lonely, misunderstood outsider.

With the same degree of fanaticism, you combat social conventions and legal norms. You refuse to submit to any power and trust no other authority except your own. Encountering opposition only reinforces your resolve and competitors are defenceless against your attack. Your radical, uncompromising attitude causes a sensation and can frighten friends as well as enemies. However, in your personal development, you run the risk of becoming a prisoner of your own single-minded striving for freedom and individuality.”

This area keeps pulling me back towards it. Maybe it’s time for me to just go and hope it makes sense once I get there.

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