Nature walk.

I’ve been drawn to parks, over the last year. I’ve just have craved being in open spaces.

I joined an astronomy club this year (two, actually). I think I might join them for their Big Woods viewing session this Friday…if I can figure out how to turn off my daytime running lights. Those things are such a pain.

I love the night sky. I don’t understand it. But it comforts me.

I grabbed lunch and pursued the national parks guide I checked out from the library. This parks pass sounds appealing. I just wish we had more parks on this side of the country. The road trip planner could prove useful, though.

That reminds me – I should check out my AAA travel benefits once I get some locations in mind. I’m sure they could be helpful. I upgraded to the Premier membership, through next June. I wanted more mileage for towing, but I should see if I get anything else.