I did it. I turned in my notice today, to be effective tomorrow. I was supposed to come back from medical leave today. I wasn’t sure if I would. Then, I got a work email this morning about an issue that’s been ongoing for almost two years. All because no one backed me up in a meeting. The problem rolled downhill and became a huge mess. The request was asking me to provide backup of the situation, which I’d done numerous times before.

Two years. That was all I needed. I had asked God earlier for some nudge to know that I wasn’t being a Lone Ranger without a cause. That I was off track. But that email, about this specific issue, less than 4 hours after returning….😶 Sore spot doesn’t begin to describe it. I’m proud of myself for being very direct about why I’m leaving, citing this incident that I feel is tied to race and gender. They won’t care. I don’t expect them to. I needed to say it out loud for me.

So I’m at peace. Unemployed, but at peace.

Well, that not entirely true. Technically, I’m the president of my new company. I have paperwork to prove it! I think as my first revenue stream, I’ll set up a Patreon account. I’ll use it to share more personal items (like my resignation letter, maybe?). I don’t expect anyone to pay for it, though; it just gives me a good excuse to mess around with new software. Yes, I am a nerd.

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