In the middle of the night, I am invincible.
At 43, I can see all my boundaries.
Enclosed within both obstacles and promises of eternity.
I am in the meantime.
The sacred space between once upon a time and happily ever after. Where everything is possible
because I’ve released the structure my brain so desperately craves and the ambiguity my heart fears.
You know when you’re in the dark and your eyes suddenly adjust to the light? That’s the meantime.
That rush of dopamine when you get a new idea? That’s the meantime.
That space is grace
to honor your present and your intention.
What should be and the recognition of what is.
It’s when you put pen to paper and give your self-permission to be it all.
I am invincible in the meantime. Invincible, and safe to be free.
My vision is clear in the dark
and I trust the night sky to guide me home.

Why this blog?

My privacy was violated by someone I thought really saw me. I realize that no one really can, so I’m done trying to be understood. Not looking for likes, feedback, or even to know I’m being heard or seen by anyone, but me.