Nature walk.

I’ve been drawn to parks, over the last year. I’ve just have craved being in open spaces.

I joined an astronomy club this year (two, actually). I think I might join them for their Big Woods viewing session this Friday…if I can figure out how to turn off my daytime running lights. Those things are such a pain.

I love the night sky. I don’t understand it. But it comforts me.

I grabbed lunch and pursued the national parks guide I checked out from the library. This parks pass sounds appealing. I just wish we had more parks on this side of the country. The road trip planner could prove useful, though.

That reminds me – I should check out my AAA travel benefits once I get some locations in mind. I’m sure they could be helpful. I upgraded to the Premier membership, through next June. I wanted more mileage for towing, but I should see if I get anything else.

Crossing Uranus/Pluto Line

Geographical position of this line crossing:
71w07′, 40s20′.

“Here, anything is possible. Your life could be turned completely upside down. You experience new and unusual goals. You become a lawless rebel and see yourself playing the role of the lonely, misunderstood outsider.

With the same degree of fanaticism, you combat social conventions and legal norms. You refuse to submit to any power and trust no other authority except your own. Encountering opposition only reinforces your resolve and competitors are defenceless against your attack. Your radical, uncompromising attitude causes a sensation and can frighten friends as well as enemies. However, in your personal development, you run the risk of becoming a prisoner of your own single-minded striving for freedom and individuality.”

This area keeps pulling me back towards it. Maybe it’s time for me to just go and hope it makes sense once I get there.

June 20, 2022 – 17º/16′

And so it begins. Or rather, it’s been underway for some time. Today is the first of three dates in my lifetime where Uranus is stationed in exact opposition (17º/16′, Taurus) of its natal place in my chart (Scorpio). It’ll moonwalk back to this position on Halloween and go through it one last time on April 10th of next year. The author of that link does an amazing job of explaining the significance.

I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end. Of what, I have no idea. I just know things can’t continue this way. There is no more bright side. Let’s march through the darkness and confusion. (Hello, Pluto. My old friend.)