Cashing out.

Spiraling the drain. That’s the best way I can describe my state of mind right now. If I were brave, I share a picture of my studio, which would perfectly showcase the dumpsterfire raging in my head. I spent the first part of August in the fetal position. I evenutally got out of bed and … Continue reading Cashing out.

So much to say. (Part 2)

I’ve spent 15 years wondering how to approach The Meantime Diaries. I’ve started and stopped various iterations. The timing feels right, now; maybe the end feels closer so it’s more appropriate. I’m going to carve this space into three sections: Me/Then – Responding to my old journal entries. I want to give Me the truth … Continue reading So much to say. (Part 2)

So much to say (Part 1)

Dave Matthews is going on in 30 minutes. I loved him back in college. I’m numb to everything right now but decided to come anyway. I would’ve wasted the night anyway. Now I can be alone in a crowd. (Confession: I didn’t give away the second ticket. I asked a few people and then stopped … Continue reading So much to say (Part 1)