Date night.

Dear John – screw you for making me go on another first date. I hate that man. (Not really, though. I’m just hurt and disappointed.)

Post-Date Update: I had a great time with Walker at the Umstead. We had drinks, amazing parm fries, and great conversation. I think Walker likes me. As he should. 😒 I’m a great dating partner. I don’t know what in the hell was wrong with John. 🙄 I’m engaging, downright enchanting, and pleasant to look at. I didn’t have the last one to fall back on until recently so I had 40+ years to develop a great personality.

I want to make the men I’m dating feel good. Just feed me dammit and we’ll get along fine. John is a dumb-butt.

I almost passed out on my date with DB, the night before. We first went out last Friday and he was my first date post-John. We had a great time at Dave & Busters so I decided to roll the dice again.

And I honestly almost passed out. That’s not an exaggeration. I was underfueled for my 4 mile walk, earlier in the day. Then, I walked another 1+ miles at First Friday – following a zero carb dinner 🤦🏽‍♀️ – and almost fainted in artist Paul Gala’s studio. Hypoglycemia is a beast.

I need to send Paul and his wife, Linda, flowers. They were incredibly kind. I appreciate them taking care of me. My date too! Although, I think he was afraid that our meal caused what happened. I knew that wasn’t it, but I was working to hard to not vomit or crap myself to articulate what was happening. I’m happy to report that I only vomited a little, into a pail, so all is well and I can return to Art Space at some point in the future.

Anyway, Paul’s art is phenomenal. Before I almost died, we were having a great conversation about how an art piece is never really “done”. They’re just abandoned. He works on 5-6 pieces at a time so he’s not too committed to a single one. He also mentioned that he’ll still change pieces that have been framed and shown! A lot to think about.

Paul Gala


My health insurance ends today and I just realized I need vaccinations for this damn trip. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m getting out of this country. Even if it kills me.

The Pattern: Expecting an Adventure.

My last relationship, in a nutshell. In the end, he threatened me. He knew I loved him and he threatened to leave me if I didn’t apologize for something I’d said. I couldn’t believe it. He wanted to marry me a week earlier. Then he was threatening me. I later found out he was having a relationship with his ex wife. He told her everything about us. He hid that from me. I felt so foolish.

I’ll never compromise my needs for someone else’s again. I overlooked so much. In the end, all he could talk about were the new women he was going to date. He never cared. I’m such a fool.



Got back on Tinder and OkCupid. I’m not invested in the outcome and that is the perfect mindset to date. Just nice conversations that lead to nothing.

Being healed isn’t a prerequisite to dating them. It’s better that I’m not. Most men want to date a woman who’s like their dog: perky, cute and obedient. John taught me that. I don’t want to waste the best version of me on men anymore. They won’t appreciate it.

I also look great in this dress.


A Grateful Approach to the Future

I typically hate gratitude posts. They remind me of tithing: if it isn’t done in the proper spirit it can come off as gimmicky and trite. But something about the questions in Morgan’s posts makes me want to probe deeper.

My theme for 2022 is “Sow What?” This year, and probably through the end of my Uranus Opposition, I wanted to plant seeds. I said I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. I challenged myself to ask “What is the point of what I’m doing?” and “Why does this matter?, if something moved me. I wanted to probe what I thought mattered and why I’m giving it space on my life.

Then, Morgan’s posts hit me here:

“When you start to practice gratitude right where you are, you’re also practicing having gratitude for what’s to come. You are growing in your ability to sow seeds and water them faithfully. In this space, you start to delight in imagining a better future…and not only for you but for others. You start to be excited about what’s to come in your life and the lives of family and friends.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

I’m grateful when I can help people. It gives me the chance to dream. I’m good at doing that for others. I don’t begrudge other’s happiness. Success isn’t scarce nor indirectly proportional to my failures. I just wish God would bless me, too. Or, I wish he would have. It’s too late for all of that now.

When happiness is constantly snatched from your reach, you learn to stop trying. And John finally got me to that point with companionship. I’m grateful to him for that.

And I have 328 days to dream and play. Opportunities abound where I can be grateful for what I have now and comes next.

First date night.

Tonight was the first Tuesday we didn’t have a date. I didn’t make plans on how to spend the time but it worked out.

I looking at my powelines in the library when I started tinkering with TMD’s logo. I like the rough draft.☺️

Then, an old friend reached out and we planned a chat for tonight, just as John and I would’ve been settling into dinner. It was great. We talked as I walked through a local park. I explained that while I had no idea where I was headed, I knew the path I was on wasn’t working. It was time to try a new one. Any new one. He said he understood and that I was brave.

Afterwards, I took myself for some sushi and bought a waffle cream cones from Coldstone. No ice cream – just the cones. Last week’s $100 ice cream binge from Dairy Queen still filled my freezer. I thought the cones would be a nice complement. Before I ate, I headed to the Preserve to record video then walked around my neighborhood for a bit. I survived date night date-less. Go me.

Next week, I’m going to finish the Gottman book. Date #8 is dreams. With him, my dreams were hidden, even from me. We could’ve never finished this together. I’m glad he brought me this far. I’ll love him forever*, just for that one act. He was my adventure and play buddy.

*But I will kick him in the dick, the first chance I get. However, that’s an improvement from wanting to chain him to a radiator in a basement, so I consider it progress.